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Over the past 24 years, we have learned that the key to college success is one-on-one student assistance. National drop out rates are as high as 40% for first-year students. We are here to not only make the admissions process incredibly smooth but also protect students from the common college pitfalls that are 100% avoidable.

Meet Our College Planning Gurus

Our team of college planners are your best asset in ensuring your child excels in school.


Phil Bell

Head of College Planning & Resident College Guru

For over 26 years, Phil Bell has been passionate about helping parents and their students find success through higher education. Phil has personally assisted over 3500 students in graduating from college with an incredible 99% success rate that far exceeds the national dropout rates of 40%.


Sean Bell

Executive College Planning Assistant & Financial Expert

Son of Phil, Sean is a well-versed protege with a passion for falling in his father’s footsteps. Sean is already a powerhouse when it comes to college planning. This father-son team is exactly the kind of passionate synergy you want planning out a smart college plan for your student.


Shannon Lanterman

Office Manager & Customer Service Rockstar

The energetic phrase “I’m on it!” is a daily occurrence here at Yorkshire. Shannon has a dynamic background in customer service and administration, bringing over 10 years of experience from various industries including local government, small business, and financial institutions.


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