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High school and college counselors work to help you succeed. There is no doubt about that. But, let’s take a look at the numbers. Nationwide, the counselor to student ration is 1 counselor per 471 students. Not only is your counselor trying to help you make the best decisions about college and college funding, s/he also has the best interests of at least 470 other students.

Are there truly enough hours in the day to ensure that each of those 741 students the very best effort? With so many options available and so many scam artists preying on students, many people are choosing to use professionals to help them through the college process. At Yorkshire College Planning, we have 26 years of experience in helping students in the Chula Vista area find the best school and the best funding to be successful.

Call on Yorkshire College Planning for the following services:

College Application Help

College Grant Help

College Scholarship Help

FAFSA application assistance

Pell Grant Help

CSS Profile Assistance


Where Do I Go?

School choice involves several aspects – graduate programs and funding among the most important. There are over 4700 state, private, and community colleges in the US. Finding the college that has the best program to get you on the road to your dream career can be a daunting task.

Students may have a favorite college, but it is important to ensure that specific college has everything you need to begin the journey to a career. Part of the college planning at Yorkshire College Planning involves finding the college that offers the best program, has the best atmosphere, and fits into your budget.

The national dropout rate in the US is 40%. Over 3500 students have chosen Yorkshire College Planning because we are there for you from filling out your first college application until your graduation day. 99% of out students graduate.


After College

While the entire process of applying to a college and obtaining college funding is stressful, nothing is a scary as the dreaded student loan payments once you have graduated. At Yorkshire College Planning, we want to ease that burden for you.

Our experienced and reliable educational consultants will help you find the best funding options for your situation. Today, there is a scholarship for almost anything – a female enrolling in a male-dominated area of study, a male enrolling in a female- dominated area of study, and many more.

Yorkshire College Planning will help you find all scholarships and grants that you qualify for. And, we don’t stop there. We also provide FAFSA application assistance, Pell Grant help, and CSS Profile assistant. Our specialists will walk you through the entire process to be sure you provide everything needed to increase your chances of receiving the scholarship or grant.

It goes without saying, the more funding you receive from grants and scholarships, the less you have to pay back after graduation. Pull up your favorite search engine, type in “college planning near me”, and choose Yorkshire College Planning. We won’t let you down.