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Make Your College Applications Stand Out

Admission staff read hundreds of applications every year. Here's how to help them remember yours. All college applications have one thing in common at first—they're blank. So how do you turn an empty form into a testimony to your personality, achievements, and...

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Get Started with Your College Applications • What's in a college application? If you are planning to go to college, it's time to find out. • Once senior year rolls around, filling out college applications may start to feel like a second job. Luckily, colleges ask for...

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Getting College Application Fees Waived

Getting College Application Fees Waived If you can't afford college application fees, you may be able to get them eliminated. All you need to do is ask for a fee "waiver." You might have many reasons for not applying to a college. But not affording the application fee...

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Ten College Qualities You Shouldn’t Ignore

Some important college qualities are easy to overlook. But they can have a profound impact on your college experience. Cost, location, size, weather, academics... there are many obvious college factors to consider. But some key factors are not so obvious. Here's what...

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