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When you type “college planning near me” in your search engine, the premier choice in the Coronado area is Yorkshire College Planning. With 26 years of experience in this area, we have a 100% admission rate and a 99% graduation rate. Our dedicated educational consultants will help you create a personal college plan that takes you from the first application through graduation.

Yorkshire College Planning offers the following services:

College Application Help

College Grant Help

College Scholarship Help

FAFSA application assistance

Pell Grant Help

CSS Profile Assistance


Information Overload

College planning can be overwhelming. There is so much information out there – thousands of colleges to choose from, various funding methods, government and non-government loans, grants, and scholarships. It is often difficult to find a starting point.

Unfortunately, like in many other aspects of life, there are also scammers just waiting to prey on innocent victims. On the Internet, it is often difficult to determine which programs are reliable and which programs are scams. If you or your student makes the wrong choice, you could end up with a predatory lender and overwhelming and unnecessary debt after college.

College planning services are becoming more popular with students and parents. Yorkshire College Planning can help you navigate all the information available and make the right choices to get you on your career path with the least amount of debt.


College Application Assistance

Once you have found the college that is the best fit for you, the application process begins. Colleges look for more than grades and test scores. They want to know what you do outside of school, in your community. Are you a leader? Do you take initiative when the need arises? Are you goals and plans solid?

There are so many aspects to the college application. You are required to provide detailed information about your accomplishments in and outside of school as well as in-depth financial information. The essay portion is extremely important because it gives the college an idea of your capabilities. Again, attention to detail and the ability to follow directions is vitally important.

At Yorkshire College Planning, we will be with you every step of way to guide you through the process and ensure you college application is one that cannot be refused. Our 100% acceptance rate indicates the integrity and dedication our educational consultants adhere to.


Money, Money, Money

If you have ever been around anyone who attended college, I am sure you have heard horror stories about paying back student loans. That thought can be daunting to a high school student. You want to further your education, you have your career path planned, but the stress of paying back student debt is putting a wrinkle in your plans.

We can help you find the funding you need through scholarships and grants to eliminate as much of your college debt as possible. At Yorkshire College Planning, our dedicated educational consultants are committed to helping you to be the best that you can be.

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