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If you live in the El Cajon area and type “college planning near me”, be sure to click on Yorkshire College Planning and check out what we have to offer. With over 26 years in the El Cajon area, we feel our educational consultants can offer everything you and your student needs to graduate successfully. We cover every aspect of the college process – from choosing the best college for your career to seeing your student through their college years.

Yorkshire College Planning offers the following services:

College Application Help

College Grant Help

College Scholarship Help

FAFSA application assistance

Pell Grant Help

CSS Profile Assistance


Don’t Let Your Student Become a Statistic

There are several statistics that you want you student to avoid falling into. The first is the national dropout rate – which is 40%. That is definitely not a statistic your student wants to become a part of. At Yorkshire College Planning, we would rather see your student as a part of our above-average statistic – our 99% graduation rate.

There are various reasons a student drops out of college. Perhaps the college offers a degree program in the field they have chosen, but the program is lacking. Perhaps the atmosphere of college life is not what s/he expected. Perhaps the anxiety caused by worrying about after-college debt contributes – or the parents and student experience an unexpected financial burden.

All of these reason cause stress for the student. Studying and making passing grades is stressful enough. Your student does not need the added stress from the problems mentioned above. Our College Planning Team in El Cajon, will provide the best college counseling services from beginning to end.


But I Want to Go Here

Perhaps your student has been dreaming of a specific college since they were young. What happens if the college does not have what you student needs to succeed. Success in life is not based on the success of the football team – it is based on a college providing the absolute best graduate program for your student.

There are over 4700 private, public, and community colleges nationwide. How do you find that perfect fit for your student? Your educational consultant will work closely with you and your student to explore colleges and find the school with the very best program for your student’s career choice. It may be the college s/he has always dreamed about – but, s/he could find a program that is better. At Yorkshire College Planning, 80% of our students get admitted to their first choice. We also have a 100% acceptance rate for the students we help.


Your Success is Our Success

We are not successful unless your student is successful. Yorkshire College Planning is dedicated to helping your student succeed. Your can count on your educational consultant to be there, cheering you student on and planning every detail so he/she becomes one of the good statistics. Call us today and set up an appointment to get your family the most proficient El Cajon college counseling available.