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College planning in Escondido is one of the most stressful time of your high school student’s life. Your child is filled with questions. “What if I make the wrong choice?” “Will I have college loan debt until the day I die?” “What if I don’t get in?” At Yorkshire College Planning, our experts want to ease as much stress for you and your student as we can.

We offer the following services in Escondido:

College Application Help

College Grant Help

College Scholarship Help

FAFSA application assistance

Pell Grant Help

CSS Profile Assistance


Time-Consuming Process

The process of choosing a school and applying for admissions and financial aid can be a time-consuming and stressful task. At Yorkshire College Planning, we can take the stress away and give you an opportunity to enjoy your last year with your student.

Our experienced educational consultants will work closely with you and your student to find all the best programs and choices for your student to be successful. While colleges provide counselors for students, the average ratio is 471 students per 1 counselor. Through no fault of their own, college counselors cannot provide individual and personal planning that is designed especially for your student.

Many parents are turning to professionals for college planning and counseling, so their student gets the personal attention s/he deserves. The professionals at Yorkshire College Planning will design a personalized college plan – and will be there for your child from the first application until the last final exam.


Why You Need College Planning Assistance

What student has the time to sift through over 4700 colleges to find the right one? Students’ time should be filled with high school studies, sports and other after-school activities, and friends. In addition to choosing the right college, there is also the application process.

Do you or your student know what each college is looking for in an applicant? The application process is much more than name, address, GPA, and SAT/ACT scores. Most colleges are looking for a personal touch from prospective students. Grades are not everything. They also want to know what sports and clubs you have participated in, what sort of positive impact have you had in your neighborhood and community, and what you have accomplished to show that you have the stamina to “finish the job”.

While finances and grade play a role, one of the most compelling parts of the application process is the essay section. Here, colleges will be looking for your ability to follow instructions and stay within the parameter of assignment. For instance, word count is important. If asked for a 5000-word essay and you provide a 10,000-word essay, your chances of acceptance are lessened.


College Planning Near Me

The Internet has opened up a world of possibilities. However, there is no way of knowing if a company is legitimate and has your family’s best interests in mind, or their own interests. When you search for “college planning near me”, choosing the agency that has been provided quality college counseling in the Escondido area for over 26 years. Our students have a 99% graduation rate. Yours can too!

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