Don’t Get Senioritis By Following These Tips

You already know where you’re going to college and so you think that the last couple months of senior year are worthless. Yet, it’s important to not get “senioritis” because bad grades towards the end of the year may lead to your college contacting you with concerns about your admission. Here are some final tips to avoid contracting high school senioritis:


  1. Don’t Let Peer Pressure Get to you – This might be the most difficult and challenging task because all of your friends will start to slack off. When they see you still on top of all of your schoolwork, they’ll call you out and giggle at your strong work ethic. The important part is not giving in – just because they want to put their future at risk doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice yours.


  1. Think about your Future – You’ve worked this hard for a reason – college. Don’t let your hard work over the last four years go to waste because you begin to slide downhill during the last couple of months. It’s not how you start, but how you finish.


  1. Don’t Overdo It – A lot of the time, senioritis is caused by students who take a heavy workload with everything just piling up on them until they finally crash. Make some time for yourself – go to the gym or read a book for pleasure.


  1. Have a Little Fun – As important as it is to stay away from senioritis, it’s just as important to have a little fun. Go out every once in a while, and make some lasting memories. You’re only going to be a senior in high school once, and you’ll never see most of the students in your graduating class again. Appreciate this time and live in the moment, but maintain your same work ethic in the classroom.



Don’t throw away what you’ve tirelessly worked for during the past four years by slacking off a little bit at the end. Be aware that colleges do request a final transcript at the end of the senior year, and if they do see a serious deviation from your GPA, they won’t be afraid to speak up, express their concerns and possibly rescind your admission.