4 Easy But Crucial Tips To Implement When Writing Your College Essays

how to write a great college essay (4 important tips)

It’s about that time – with college applications due in a matter of months, you need to begin working on your college admission essays. Considered one of the most important parts to a college application, college admission essays can often be the deal breaker for most students. A remarkable college essay can significantly help a student lacking in other areas of the application, whereas a below-average essay can hurt a student with even the highest of test scores. Here are some basic tips on how to write a great college essay:


  1. Originality is Key – With the tremendous amount of college applications submitted to universities today, admission counselors spend mere minutes reviewing the same college essays that you’ve been working on for months. With that in mind, it is important to have your essay stand out from the rest of the pack. Write about something original that won’t be found in every other essay. Really show how unique you are and what you can contribute to college campuses.


  1. Bragging a Little Bit is Okay – College essays are the one chance you get in the college application process to discuss your accomplishments. That’s why it’s completely fine to talk brag about your achievements because you’re trying to sell yourself. With that being said, don’t over-exaggerate your story to make it sound more interesting and appealing – the more you exaggerate, the less credibility you may have.


  1. Honesty Can Go a Long Way – It’s important to remember that college admission counselors have practically seen everything in the books when it comes to college essays. They can easily tell within a few sentences the sincerity and honesty of your voice, so make sure you’re being yourself.


  1. Edit, Edit and Edit – If there is anything I can guarantee, it’s that you won’t write that masterpiece essay on your first try. Only after furiously crumpling up several drafts and proofreading to the point where you can recite your essay backwards will you actually have a great piece of writing. Be patient with yourself because it will take time to develop that perfect essay.


Remember, don’t rush through these essays but don’t be paralyzed with fear either.

Just sit down and write honestly in your individual voice. Don’t forget to reveal your character and establish a tone that fits your personality. This is the one time in your whole application where you can distinguish yourself from the thousands of other outstanding students for who you are or what you have accomplished, looking beyond test scores and GPA. The admission personnel at each college only spend a few minutes reading each application, so write about something that would get you noticed. Slow but steady progress is the key at this point. Stay focused – the harder you work now, the more satisfying your decision letters will be in March and April. In a matter of months you’ll be done!

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