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After more than 26 years helping local families, Yorkshire College Planning has helped over 3500 students find, apply for, and graduate from the preferred school. Our students have a 100% acceptance rate and a 99% graduation rate – with 80% of our students accepted into their first-choice college. The California market is extremely competitive, though there are over 4700 colleges nationwide. Our expert educational consultants can help you and your student find the right path to success.

Yorkshire College Planning offers the following in Imperial Beach:

College Application Help

College Grant Help

College Scholarship Help

FAFSA application assistance

Pell Grant Help

CSS Profile Assistance


Are You a Bulldog, Tiger, or Warrior?

With over 4700 private, public, and community colleges in the US alone, there are many choices for your student to choose from. Whether your student has a specific school in mind or they want to shop around here or abroad, Yorkshire College Planning can assist in making the right choice for your family and your student.

If you want to give your student the best chance at success, put “college planning near me” in the search engine and click on Yorkshire College Planning. We will find the graduate program that will get your student on the road to the career of his/her choice – and we will be a part of the picture until graduation day.

Our promise to you, as the parent, is to use the most current insider information to help get your child admitted to the school they want to attend and keeping it within your budget without allowing your student to fall for student loan traps.


College Funding

There are also thousands of choices for college funding – though some are not as trustworthy as others. Predatory lenders promise huge loans to cover any expense you can imagine, while covering up the length and amount of repayment. Don’t fall for these traps. Let Yorkshire College Planning help you weed through the tangle of loans and pull out a rose.

Available funding options include private loans, government-backed loans, private grants and scholarships, and government-funded grants and scholarships. The goal is to apply for as many grants and scholarships as your student qualifies for. That helps to eliminate some of the debt after college.

Where Do You Begin?

Where does it all begin? Two of the most popular government-funded opportunities are FAFSA and the Pell Grant. FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) is the most common place to begin. Next, your student should apply for the Pell Grant – a government grant that is designed to help lower income students with college expenses.

Yorkshire College Planning can take care of all your college planning and college counseling needs in the Imperial Beach area. We will help you fill out the applications and show you what information should be included and what is not needed. We will help you student personalize his/her applications in a way to shows recruiters that s/he has exactly what they are looking for. We want your student to be a part of the 99%.

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