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If you are searching for a college planning service in the La Mesa area, go with the incomparable Yorkshire College Planning. We have assisted over 3500 students in La Mesa and surrounding areas formulate a college plan that takes them from the first application to the last walk across the stage at graduation. We will take away the stress that comes from preparing for college and provide your student with the right tools for success.

We offer the following services:

College Application Help

College Grant Help

College Scholarship Help

FAFSA application assistance

Pell Grant Help

CSS Profile Assistance


Is a CSS Profile Necessary?

The CSS Profile is administered by the College Scholarship Service (CSS). CSS is a division of the College Board. Many private colleges require a CSS Profile to determine if you are eligible for non-government financial aid. This could include grants, loans, and scholarships offered by the school.

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and the Pell Grant are government-sponsored and funded. Your FAFSA application will determine your eligibility for the Pell Grant, a grant offered to students with financial hardships that meet the income requirement.

Each grant, scholarship, and loan has its own application process. Using a professional college planner, such as Yorkshire College Planning, gives you an upper hand because our professionals understand the requirements for a successful application for each program.


Caught in a Trap

The last thing we want to happen to you and your student is falling into a college funding trap. There are many legitimate scholarships, grants, and loans. There are also many predatory lenders and scammers just waiting to pounce on you during the college application process. At Yorkshire College Planning, your educational consultant will help you avoid these traps that could lead to disastrous payment plans after college.

The average cost of private college is around 34,000. Our goal is to help you alleviate some of that cost by finding and applying for scholarships and grants that best fit your student’s needs. These grants and scholarships can help ease some of the financial burden and give your family one less thing to worry about.

What We Offer

The educational consultants at Yorkshire College Planning have 26 years of experience in preparing and managing the college process for parents and students. Our job begins with admissions and ends with graduation day. We provide full college planning and college counseling services.

Using a professional college planning service helps to eliminate the stress of college planning. We also provide critical student guidance throughout you student’s entire college years. This ensures your student does not become just one number out of 471 that the college counselors are assigned.

Our statistics are well above the national average. Nationally, the dropout rate is 40%. That means only 60% of college students actually complete their programs. Our students have a 100% admission rate, with 80% being admitted to their first college of choice. Our favorite statistic – and the one we want your student to be a part of – is the 99% graduation rate of our students. Let’s start the journey today. Type “college planning near me” into your search engine – and choose Yorkshire College Planning – for incomparable La Mesa college counseling.

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