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Expert College Planning in National City

If you are searching for expert college planning in National City, you can’t go wrong with Yorkshire College Planning. Our educational consultants have been providing the most efficient college planning and college counseling in the National City area for over 26 years. You can count on us for a personal touch and an individual plan for you and your student that meets all your student’s needs and fits your family budget.

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College Application Help

College Grant Help

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Too Much Information

College planning can be an overwhelming experience. One search on a search engine can provide thousands of websites with thousands of choices. There are over 4000 colleges to choose from as well as numerous loans, scholarships, and grant programs. How do you find a starting point?

Within those thousands of choices, there are also many unsavory choices. The Internet has provided opportunity for scammers to prey on innocent and uninformed victims. How do you determine which programs are legitimate and which are scams? The wrong choice could lead to becoming the victim of a predatory lender, which leads to unnecessary and overwhelming debt after college.

Because of this, professional college planning services are becoming more popular with parents and students. The experienced educational consultants at Yorkshire College Planning will help you navigate the information available, so you can make the right choices for you and your student.


Applications Galore

The amount of applications required is overwhelming. Though your student may have a particular college in mind, it is necessary to apply for more than one to ensure acceptance in a program that meets your students needs and fits within the family budget.

Colleges, scholarship programs, and grant programs look for more than test scores and grades on the application. They want to see the character and work ethic of a student. They look at what your students does in and out of school – sports, clubs, community service. They want to know if your student is a leader. Does your student take initiative if the need arises? Will your student work hard to meet his/her goals?

It is vital to provide detailed and precise information on your applications – from your student’s accomplishments to in-depth financial information. At Yorkshire College Planning, your educational consultant with be with you each step of the way. We will guide your through the process and help to ensure your college application cannot be refused. The 100% acceptance rate of our students indicates the integrity and dedication afforded by our experts.


Can You Afford College?

If you have friends, family, or coworkers who attended college (or you attended), you probably have heardf horror stories about student loans. The thought of leaving college with years of debt can be daunting to a student. The stress of after-college debt is one of the factors that leads to the nationwide dropout rate of 40%. Let us help you and your student find the best funding options and become on of the 99% of Yorkshire College Planning students who graduate. Call us today.