Santee College Planning Expertise

For some students, attending college is a lifelong dream. Some students choose their career path as well as college choice as early as kindergarten. Though not every student stays on track, the many who do are bombarded with college choices, degree choices, and funding methods. If you are searching for a professional college counseling and planning service in the Santee area, simply type “college planning near me” in your search engine and choose the best option available – Yorkshire College Planning.

The following services are available at Yorkshire College Planning:

College Application Help

College Grant Help

College Scholarship Help

FAFSA application assistance

Pell Grant Help

CSS Profile Assistance


Reliable and Passionate

The educational consultants at Yorkshire College Planning have worked with students around the Santee area for over 26 years to make their college dreams come true. We help students put the personal touch colleges, scholarship programs, and grant programs are looking for in students.

Over 3500 families have relied on us to find the perfect fit for their students – the right college with the right funding – eliminating the stress families deal with during the college experience. One of the leading causes of the nationwide 40% dropout rate is financial stress. The students at Yorkshire College Planning currently have a 99% graduation rate – a result of reliable college planning and passionate college counseling.


Why Go Professional?

With the growing number of students attending over 4700 colleges and universities in the United States, it is becoming more and more difficult for college counselors to keep up with the demand. Nationally, the ratio between college students to college counselors is 471:1.

One person is responsible for meeting the financial, educational, and personal needs over 471 individuals. Numerically, with a 7-hour work day, your student receives one hour every 67 days. Because of the workload the average college counselor has, some students inevitably fall through the cracks. Many of these students become a part of the 40% national dropout rate.

The professional college planning and college counseling experts at Yorkshire College Planning want your student to be a part of our 99% graduation rate. We dedicate ourselves to taking the stress out of the college experience by being there for your student from the first application to the last walk on graduation day.


School Choice

With over 4700 public, private, and community colleges and universities in the United States, your student has a daunting task before him/her just choosing the right college. While the California high education system is excellent, your student may not find the right fit in-state. Your personal educational consultant will help your student find the school that has the best program available.

It may be the student’s first choice or one of the many other schools in America or abroad. We will work exclusively with you and your student to ensure you find the right fit – educationally and financially. 100% of the students who rely on Yorkshire College Planning are accepted to college – 80% are accepted to their first choice. Contact us today so we can get your student started down the right path to his/her career.