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College Planning can be overwhelming and stressful. For over 26 years, families in the Solana Beach area have relied on Yorkshire College Planning to take the stress and confusion out of college planning. With a national dropout rate of 40%, it is vital to find the best school for your student that fits within the family budget. Our expert educational consultants are dedicated to helping your family create an individual college plan that works for everyone.

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College Application Help

College Grant Help

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Avoid the Debt Trap

Along with the thousands of colleges to choose from, there are thousand of funding options as well. These funding options can include government-backed or private loans, grants, and scholarships. A quick Internet search provides you with pages of options for college funding. How do you know who to trust?

Similar to the real estate market, there are predatory lenders and scams in educational funding. Who is easier to prey upon than high school students simply wanting to make their dreams come true. These students are eager and can easily become the victims of scholarship and/or grant scams and predatory lenders.

What defines predatory lending? Any lending practice imposing abusive and unfair loan terms. Predatory lenders often target people with lower credit scores, but anyone can become a victim of a predatory lender. In most cases, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Predatory lenders use unscrupulous methods, such as hiding unfair fees in the small print. They use deceitful, exploitative, and coercive tactics to convince a lender to accept the terms of a loan that the borrower rarely understands. At Yorkshire College Planning, we are dedicated to prevent you from falling into a debt trap you cannot get out of.


It’s All in the Details

There are many applications involved when preparing for college – college applications; applications for FAFSA, Pell Grants, and the CSS Profile; and applications for private and government-funded scholarships and grants.

The educational consultants at Yorkshire College Planning have over 26 years of experience in the college planning and college counseling fields. We understand that two of the most important aspects of these applications is attention to detail and a personal touch. We will work personally with you and your student to find and apply for every available scholarship and grant he/she is qualified for to help ease the financial burden of college.


Each Step of the Way

Yorkshire College Planning offers exceptional and dedicated services for college planning and college counseling. Your educational consultant will help you and your student through each step of the process – from the first application to the moment your student receives his/her degree.

If you are searching for reliable college planning in the Solana Beach area, simply type “college planning near me” in your search engine and choose Yorkshire College Planning. Out of the over 3500 students we have helped, we have a 100% acceptance rate, with 80% being accepted to their first choice. Our students also have a 99% graduation rate – far above the national graduation rate of 60%.