You may be done with the college application process and know where you’re going in the fall, but there are some last tasks you need to complete in high school to truly be done with everything. These assignments don’t take a long time, so make sure you finish them sooner rather than later.


  1. Thank your Teachers – It is extremely important to thank all of your teachers, especially the ones that wrote your letters of recommendation. It might be because of what they said that really helped you get in to your dream school. Write them a thank you card and deliver it to them in person – it will really mean a lot to them.


  1. Take All of your AP Exams – Receiving credit for AP exams can often give you credit for college courses that you would have to take otherwise. Don’t get senioritis – make sure to take all of your AP exams because you never know when they will really help you.


  1. Notify the Colleges that You Turned Down – A lot of students make the mistake of never notifying the other schools that they were admitted to, that they are turning them down. Let them know with a simple email or letter. You never know when you might be applying to a school you rejected in the future.


  1. Check Your College Portal – Your college will send out important notifications or need additional documents for your enrollment in the fall. They usually display all of this information on their student portal, which can only be accessed with a username and password, so make sure you’re constantly checking. If you don’t know about getting into your portal by now, we have real problems!



These might seem like tedious tasks, but they don’t take up a lot of your time and will really prove to be worthwhile in the future. Don’t let laziness towards the end of your high school career deter you from completing these.