As exciting as it sounds, visiting college campuses can often be very intimidating. You’re still a high school student being thrown into an environment of college kids, but don’t let that get to you. Everyone is usually very nice to visitors because they want them to come to their school. Here are just a couple of tips for what you should do when you visit a college campus:


  1. Take a Campus Tour – This is a must when visiting college campuses. Visiting a college campus is like visiting a new city, and without any guidance from a tour guide you’re going to be completely lost. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure to sign up for a campus tour ahead of time and have a guide walk you through all the highlights of campus.


  1. Talk to an Admissions Counselor – This can often be one of the most useful, yet underrated aspects of visiting a college. Ask the counselor any questions or concerns you have about applying, and don’t be afraid to ask for a counselor’s email so that you can stay in touch for any additional questions you want to ask.

A College Visit Planning Guide

  1. Sit in on a Class that Interests You – After attending high school with about 30 students in each class, it can be really eye-opening for you to sit in on a lecture with over 200 college students. See what it’s like to be surrounded by hundreds of college kids “assiduously” focusing in class. This should give you a pretty good vibe for the school.


  1. Try to See the Dorms – If you end up going to the school you are visiting, this is where you’ll live for at least one year. Ask around to see what the best dorms on campus are. Try to have a student take you inside the dorms and show you the rooms and other facilities. Don’t be nervous when you ask – most students would love to show you around.


  1. Eat in the Dining Hall – What could be a better way to really feel like you’re in college than eating in a dining hall? The meals shouldn’t be too expensive, and don’t expect to be blown away by the food – it’s just the experience that counts.


Visiting a college campus can be that much more worthwhile if you come prepared with a list of things to do. Don’t just come and expect to get a vibe for the campus by driving around.