Credible College Counseling in Vista

Though high schools and colleges provide counselors, they often have such a heavy work load that students do not get the individual attention they need. Many students fall through the cracks and do not get accepted to college – or, when they do, become a part of the 40% of college students who drop out before attaining a degree. At Yorkshire College Planning, we want to ensure that your student becomes a part of our 99% graduation rate instead.

We offer the following services in the Vista area:

College Application Help

College Grant Help

College Scholarship Help

FAFSA application assistance

Pell Grant Help

CSS Profile Assistance


Above Average Statistics

As mentioned above, our students currently have a 99% graduation rate – which means our 1% dropout rate is well below the national average. Yorkshire College Planning has helped over 3500 students in the Vista area over the past 26 years. Of these, we have a 100% acceptance rate. 80% of our students are accepted into their first-choice college.

These rates are well above the national college statistics. The numbers do not lie – students who have more individual and personal college planning and college counseling are more likely to succeed. When you choose Yorkshire College Planning, your student is assigned a personal educational consultant that will see him/her through the entire college experience – from the first application to the walk across the stage on graduation day.


Scam Alert

Often, students applying to college are targets for scams and predatory lending. Our goal at Yorkshire College Planning is to help you and your student avoid falling into the debt traps created by promises of easy funding that most often ends in hefty payback rates after college.

Your expert educational consultant in Southern California will guide you using the most current insider information so that your student is admitted to his/her college of choice while maintaining the parameters of the family budget and avoiding student loan debt that never goes away.

We will help your student complete applications for FAFSA, the Pell Grant, and the CSS Profile. These, as well as college applications, require excellent attention to detail with an added personal touch that shows the college and/or funding board that your student is deserving of the opportunity.

No Stress College

The experienced educational consultants at Yorkshire College Planning want to take the stress out of the entire college experience. We assist with the time-consuming and complex process of applying for admissions and financial aid. We also provide critical student guidance for your student’ entire school experience – making it easier for your student to make the right decisions.

This type of individual attention allows your student to concentrate on important things, such as studying, participating in extra-curricular activities, and participating in social events. Less stress leads to a positive college experience – which leads to the 99% graduation rate of our students.

If you want to ensure your student’s success, simply type “college planning near me” into your search engine and click on Yorkshire College Planning. We won’t let you down!