The Common Application is an undergraduate college admission application used for hundreds of different colleges around the world. Though the application can be intimidating at times, it can be conquered with time and a little bit of help. Here are some tips to remember when you fill out the application:


  1. Check How Your Application looks Through “Print Preview” – The Common App is an online application, and online paperwork sometimes encounters glitches. Make sure none of your personal information is cut off by checking it in the “Print Preview” window.


  1. Check the Boxes for “Financial Aid” and “Merit Based Scholarships” – No explanation really needed for this one. Why would you decide to reject free money?


  1. Make Sure to Word Count Your Essays – If there is a 1000-character max essay, it means 1000 characters Don’t try to write anymore because everything else beyond that point will get cut off. And yes, spaces do count as characters too.


  1. Write Your Essays in a Word doc – Don’t try writing your essays in the Common App boxes and saving them online. Write and completely edit them in a separate Word doc, and simply copy and paste them to your online application when you’re done.


  1. Write Your Application Just Like a Resume – This means putting the most important activities, awards, and extracurricular activities at the top. Be professional in your writing and vividly explain all of your accomplishments.


  1. Double-Check For Errors – Attention to detail is often the most underrated aspect of an application or resume. Sometimes, a foolish mistake can cost you significantly, so make sure this doesn’t happen by checking your application for errors several times before you submit it.


The Common Application may look a little overwhelming at first, but if you start early and come organized, you shouldn’t come across any problems. Let us know if you have any more questions.

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