The summer between your junior and senior years is by far the most important summer during your high school career. These are the three months where you rigorously prepare to tackle the SAT, college applications, senior year classes, and any other extracurricular commitments you have. Though it sounds a bit overwhelming, here is some advice on what you should be doing during these short, three months.


  1. Study for the SAT/ACT/SAT Subject Tests if you need to – This means if you are taking these tests in the fall, regardless of whether you have already taken them in the past, you should be putting forth a significant amount of effort studying for them. These short tests could decide whether you get into the school of your dreams, so why not put in the effort now and celebrate later?


  1. Decide if you want to apply Early Action/Early Decision – If you want to apply to a school early, that means you should start the college application a lot sooner than your peers. Schools with Early Action programs include Stanford, Harvard, and MIT. Most schools have an early action deadline of 11/1.


  1. Get Ready to ask for Letters of Recommendation – Prepare to ask your teachers for letters of recommendation by filling out any personal forms or questionnaires that they require. Some of the most popular teachers at your school only write a few letters every year, so ensure that you’re getting one by finishing all the preliminary steps early.


  1. Stay Organized with Deadlines – After doing extensive research, make a list of 10-15 colleges that you want to potentially apply to and make a list of their deadlines and application requirements. Most of the time, missing a deadline or forgetting to attach an essential document to your application can easily disqualify you as a candidate.


  1. Delegate your Time Wisely – You may see your friends constantly relaxing on the beach every day, but it is important for you to use your time this summer in a diligent fashion. Volunteer a bit at a local organization, take a class that potentially interests you, travel, or just pick up a hobby. Colleges want to see that you are using your free time to do great things.


Though this summer may have a length list of assignments for you to do, you shouldn’t have any problems if you plan ahead and stay organized. Remember, we’re right here supporting you so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to let us know. Let the journey begin!