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We know college planning. We know the best ways to pay for higher education. We are college admissions and college financial aid experts.

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Combining Coaching and Consulting to go to the best colleges as inexpensively as possible.

Our Promise


We deliver insightful and timely advice for families to send your children to the best colleges possible. We take on the role of College Project Manager so you and your student(s) can enjoy this special time in your lives!


At Yorkshire College Planning, we make it our business to guide you through the tricky waters of higher education – and we promise you’ll have a good time along the way!

Each of our College Planning Advisors go out of their way to make the journey smooth and enjoyable – you and your children will leave the very first meeting with a life-long friend!


Our Mission

Our mission for parents is to de-stress and simplify the college planning process – to be a professional guide and friend to parents when they need it most.

Our mission for students is to proactively align their career goals, college major, and college choices so they enter the marketplace with every advantage possible.

Our mission for families is simple, yet powerful: to save as much money on college as possible using every strategy and tool at our disposal.

Our Team


Phil Bell – CCFS, CCPS

Phil is the Founder of Yorkshire College Planning and our Director of Admissions Programs

Sean Bell – CCFS, CCPS

Sean is a 2nd-generation College Planning Advisor and our Director of Client Relations

Mike Escobar, CCFS

Mike is the Director of Financial Aid Programs and Foreign Student Admissions Programs

Doug Shultz, AIF

Doug is our Senior Wealth Strategist and currently serves as the Treasurer of Escondido, CA

Expert Instructors

Our team of resident experts will teach you what they’ve learned after helping hundreds of families get into the best colleges and saving them tens of thousands of dollars!

Phil Bell

Phil Bell

Senior College Planner, CCPS, CCFS

Phil Bell is the founder of Yorkshire College Planning and has been helping families plan and prepare for college for nearly 30 years. He is our Director of Admissions Programs.

Sean Bell

Sean Bell

Certified College Planning Specialist, CCPS

Sean Bell is the only 2nd-generation College Planner in America. Having grown up in the business, Sean is a college planning expert in his own right. He is our Director of Client Relations and Program Implementation.

Mike Escobar

Mike Escobar

Certified College Funding Specialist, CCFS

A former Math Teacher and Wrestling Coach, Mike founded his own College Planning company before joining the Yorkshire College Planning team. He is our Director of Financial Aid Programs and Foreign Student Admissions Programs.

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We would love to answer your college planning questions! Feel free to drop us a line!

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