We deliver expert college guidance.

Let us professionally guide you through the college process:

01 – Find your dream career and college major.

02 – Pursue acceptances at right-fit colleges.

03 – Pay as LITTLE as possible and leave NO money on the table.

About Yorkshire College Planning.

We are college planning experts. Let us coach and guide you through the entire college planning process. Figuring out where to go for college – and how to pay for it – can be OVERWHELMING. Put us in your corner, and let us do the heavy lifting.

Expert Advisors

Our team of national education and financial aid experts has helped over 4300 US families! And along the way, we have saved those families over 75 MILLION dollars on the cost of college! (Yes, you read that right.)

Phil Bell

Phil Bell

Senior College Planner, CCPS, CCFS

Sean Bell

Sean Bell

Certified College Planning Specialist, CCPS

Mike Escobar

Mike Escobar

Certified College Funding Specialist, CCFS

Peter Hamilton

Peter Hamilton

Certified College Funding Specialist, CCFS

Gabriel Villagran

Gabriel Villagran

Certified College Funding Specialist, CCFS

Upcoming Workshops

Register for a live event near you! We’d love to meet you and send you home with valuable insights and actionable takeaways. We provide a no-pressure, enjoyable atmosphere where you can relax and learn from our years of experience.

Snacks and coffee provided. 

mike escobar

CEO, Yorkshire College Planning

College Aid 2.0 Live Workshop: Paying for College for High-Income Families

about the event

Come learn from our College Planning Team. Mike, Phil, and Sean will teach you how to make the most of the college planning process! Don't make the mistake of going it alone - we have spent tens of thousands of hours researching, compiling, organizing, and utilizing the most worthwhile strategies and tactics to make the whole process stress-free and within reach!

What you'll learn:

  • College Admissions Game-planning: high schools curriculum strategies, SAT/ ACT test taking timelines, A-Z comprehensive checklists for College Admissions, and more!
  • College Financial Aid: how to get financial aid even if you think you "make too much," explore avenues of additional financial aid, reduce loans and out-of-pocket costs, how to put together a college-cost gameplan, and much more!

Seating at these Events is limited, so complete your registration today!


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