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A Word of Advice to Incoming College Freshman

Coming to college can be a challenging transition for any type of high school student. You’re placed into a new environment to meet new people and build new relationships, along with taking some of the hardest classes you have ever encountered. With that said, here...

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2019 CAL Grant & FAFSA Deadline(s) Reminder

Calling all families with San Diego high school seniors or college students! The 2019 Cal Grant and FAFSA dealine of March 2, 2019 is steadily approaching as we are less than a month away. Have you filed your 2019 FAFSA? Do you need help with your College Scholarship...

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What to Do the Summer After High School but Before College

The summer between the end of high school and beginning of college can often be a student’s best. Think about it – you’re completely free. You’re not studying for the SAT or preparing to write your college essays like you were last year, nor are you doing anything...

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The Last Steps to Finishing Your Senior Year

You may be done with the college application process and know where you’re going in the fall, but there are some last tasks you need to complete in high school to truly be done with everything. These assignments don’t take a long time, so make sure you finish them...

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What To Do With Your Award Letter

 What to do with your Award Letter?   After going back and forth with different schools, you’ve finally picked the college you’ll be attending. But that’s not all you have to do. In regards to the award letter, there are some final steps to get past to make sure you...

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How To Avoid Senioritis

Don't Get Senioritis By Following These Tips You already know where you’re going to college and so you think that the last couple months of senior year are worthless. Yet, it’s important to not get “senioritis” because bad grades towards the end of the year may lead...

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What To Think About When Deciding Which College To Go To

Deciding Between Colleges   Who could have ever thought that choosing between schools was going to be so difficult? With the application process over, it’s time to make a decision of where you want to pursue your undergraduate education. But don’t let this...

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Everything You Need To Know About The Cal Grant

The Cal Grant   It’s that time to start to filling out the financial aid application for the 2019-20 academic year.  Most college financial aid policies require all undergraduate, California residents to apply for a Cal Grant from the California Student Aid Commission...

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How To Have A Great College Interview

The Dreaded interview – often times regarded as the most difficult part of the college application process. For one whole hour, you have to sit down with a college representative and clearly articulate your goals and aspirations in hope of him writing two kind words...

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The Inside Scoop on College Scholarships

With billions of dollars in scholarships all across the US, finding the right ones to apply for can often be tedious and overwhelming. To make things a bit easier, here are some tips when it comes to applying for outside scholarships:   Start Early and Stay Organized...

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