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Cut Your Expected Family Contribution (EFC/SAI) for High-Income ($100k+ Families) – Free Workshop

We have spent tens of thousands of hours researching, compiling, organizing, and utilizing the most worthwhile strategies and tactics to make the whole college-aid process stress-free and within reach!

mike escobar

CEO, Yorkshire College Planning

College Aid 2.0 Live Workshop: Paying for College for High-Income Families

Expert Instructors

Our team of resident experts will teach you what they’ve learned after helping hundreds of families get into the best colleges and saving them tens of thousands of dollars!

Mike Escobar

Mike Escobar

Certified College Funding Specialist (CCFS), Fiduciary

Gabriel Villagran

Gabriel Villagran

Certified College Planning Specialist (CCPS)

Phil Bell

Phil Bell

Senior College Planner

What Other’s Are Saying About My Free Workshop

“Reduced My EFC From $94,262 to $17,833!

My son’s college freshman year cost us $70,000 out of pocket, and I was feeling hopeless and overwhelmed about how I would pay for my daughter, who’s a junior in high school. It’s crippling to not know where to start.

So being on this extremely thorough workshop was crucially beneficial. Especially the 8 takeaways. I’m a clinical psychologist, so as a busy parent of two kids, the workshop just kind of pinpointed everything I needed to know instead of spending hours getting the wrong information on my own.

I’m actually excited about this whole process now because I’m educated and now my costs have gone from $70,000 a year down to about $20-30k.

Dr Stephanie Herring

Clinical Psychologist, PhD., M.A. – 2 Kids

I was very skeptical ahead of time. I thought there would be basically lackluster information and just trying to pull into another phone call. So I was surprised and like pleasantly surprised with the amount of information in education really.

The workshop was really great in terms of explaining the basics for someone coming in with a first-time college student. I learned so much more than I was expecting to in that hour of time.

The excel spreadsheet was the hammer home of really understanding what we can qualify for [based on our income].

I would recommend it [the workshop] to other folks in our situation

– Lacy Ault

Project Manager


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