I don’t know how my parents would have sent me away to college if it wasn’t for Phil and his staff. They informed us of all the available college funding, student loans, how to fill out the FAFSA and so much more. Huge thank you for helping my family and my college career!

-Nick P


Phil has me immensely with the FAFSA for my daughters for college. This year we were denied because something that was reported on the income tax form that shouldn’t have been considered. We appealed and sent in the appropriate work and we were awarded the Cal grant that we so needed for our daughter to attend university. I can’t thank Phil enough for helping me get through all the red tape and also being able to receive our Cal grant money. Phil is the best

-Rex W.


Phil was tremendous help to us several years ago, when our nephew finished high school and was getting ready to go to college. So it was no-brainer hiring Phil to help us out with our daughter last year. Phil is the most knowledgeable person in the field,very responsible and simply pleasant human being.
Our family owes Phil Bell big time!!!

-Nina V.