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Case Study

Paul r. & sandra r.

Make too much. Worth too much.

main objective:

Get all 4 kids through private college without sacrificing retirement goals or long-term financial peace of mind.

key issues:

Both parents make a comfortable 6 figure income. Chris is a business owner and Sharon works for a publication enterprise. The problem is they fell into “the high earner, high asset (HEHA) zone” where it appeared they would not qualify for any financial aid, however the cost of college for four students was still a huge financial hurdle.

Concerned that their retirement funds would be completely depleted by the time their four students were through their college years


To resolve their issues we correctly applied college planning strategies including financial aid form submittal, interpretation of student aid report(s), comparison of financial aid awards from colleges that students were submitted to, and appropriate, non-confrontational appeal letter composition and presentation to college officials.


Despite their financial assets, two students were accepted to highly selective private universities and each receiving over $40,000 in grants and scholarships per year, and brother received $20,000 from an Ivy League College and the youngest student received $17,500 from an in-state private school.

Students graduated with a minimal amount of student loans and moved on to graduate school without a huge debt burden hanging over them.

By saving the lion share of their retirement savings, retirement was not only preserved but was actually enabled sooner.

Resources that would have normally been deployed for college enabled the family business to expand into a multi-million-dollar enterprise.

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Case Study 2: inaccurate forms. understanding assets.

Families are often tripped up by the overwhelming process of planning for college. Check out this case study to avoid some common mistakes!

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Phil Bell

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Sean Bell

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Mike Escobar

Certified College Funding Specialist, CCFS

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