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Case Study

tom w. & sue w.

Understanding forms and asset types.

main objective:

Appeal financial aid office at each child’s college to update family assets for more financial aid.

key issues:

Daughter received admission to Top 10 engineering schools in nation but financial aid was holding her back. 

Family had a zero EFC but had just inherited $500,000 from a family trust after the passing of the matriarch of the family

In calculating the inheritance that they had under their SSC number, division among the other seven siblings could not be reflected appropriately, making their EFC artificially high


Proper appeal to the financial aid office revealing the division of the inheritance drastically lowered the EFC to the correct level.


Enabled the daughter to attend her college virtually with nothing out of pocket. 

The small inheritance that they ultimately received was also properly assessed by the IRS.


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    Case Study 2: inaccurate forms. understanding assets.

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